Max Porter, '22 - Posted 01/22/2021 03:01PM
Max has launched a new podcast as part of an Independent Study on politics and journalism. In his debut episode, he talks about the Inauguration with Mr. Cataldo, among other topics.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 01/22/2021 03:00PM
Cole gives us his thoughts on Joe Biden taking office as the 46th President of the United States.
Max Thaler, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 03:00PM
Max recaps the events of Wednesday, when Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States.
Jillian Schnaudigel, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:59PM
22-year-old American Poet Amanda Gorman stole the show on Wednesday when she recited her poem "The Hill We Climb." Jillian tells us more about her.
Cara Costigan, '23, & Sean Garvey, '22 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:59PM
This week, find out which Wooster Music teacher - Mr. Newbury, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Segal, or Ms. Simard - you are most like.
Emily Clee, '23, & Nate Thaler, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:58PM
We are all hoping 2021 will be different than 2020. Nate and Emily asked people what they're most looking forward to this year.
Maya Wood, '24; Alexa Dominguez, '24; & Tiffany Amoah, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:58PM
Learning online from home and behind a screen can offer its share of funny, blooper-worthy moments. Tiffany, Maya and Alexa share a few funny online stories from their classmates.
Shelby Bernstein, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:58PM
One of the big topics of discussion since Wednesday has been the fashion, and what it represents. Shelby tells us more.
Lulu Carone, '22 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:57PM
Now that we're back in school, Lulu teamed up with Matt Hoekenga to bring back teaching teachers TikTok dances. Up first: WiNK Teacher Mrs. Thaler.
Clarkson Liang, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:56PM
This week, Clarkson checks in again from his hometown of Qinhuangdao and tells us about his volunteer work with the CDC.
Hannah Collura, '24 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:56PM
Hannah just started at Wooster this week, after moving back to the United States from Kiev, where she and her family lived for over two years. In her first WiNK article, she tells us what life was like there.
William Shi, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:55PM
The Chinese New Year will be celebrated next month, which raises the question: why isn't it celebrated on January 1? William explains.
Elise Newman, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:55PM
Elise explains the deeper meaning behind the lights on the National Mall, and other places in the country, this week.
Alice Purkiss, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:54PM
This week, Alice reviews the book Planting Gardens in Graves, r.h. Sin's collection of poetry.
Aaron Friedman, '24, & Liam Pratt, '24 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:54PM
Liam was a Wooster online learner for the first time in early January, while Aaron was online for a few weeks prior to break. They share their different perspectives on being online vs. in-person.
Morgan Boxer, '24, & Zoe Hurwitz, '24 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:53PM
After spending two weeks online and then one week back in-person, Morgan and Zoe asked Upper School students which they prefer.
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:53PM
Each week, WiNK Premier League fan and writer Ioanna profiles a different team in the league. Next up: Manchester United.
Trip Dulecki, '22 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:52PM
Trip gives us his predictions for this weekend's Conference Championship Round of the NFL Playoffs.
Marcos Christodonte, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:52PM
Marcos gives his thoughts on Sunday's NFL match-ups and his picks for the Superbowl.
Miller Spencer, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:51PM
Even though it's early in the NBA season, Miller gives us his predictions for MVP.
Antonio Felidi, '23, & Lorenzo Rossi, '23 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:51PM
Lorenzo and Antonio give us their Top 10 Power Rankings in the NHL after the first week of play.
Marcus Dupree, 22 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:50PM
Last Wednesday night, a new NHL season began. Marcus tells us about the first week of games.
Vladimir Schwideman-Romano, '22 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:49PM
Photographer Gordon Parks' segregation exhibit opened last weekend at Mobile Museum of Art. Vlad tells us more about his important and historic work.
Izzy Garcia-Fischer '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:49PM
Izzy introduces a new addition to WiNK, the Health Corner for the Medical Science Club.
Jackie Shen, '21 - Posted 01/22/2021 02:48PM
Jackie shares information about the mystery of 7-crop circles.

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