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Echo Ma, '20 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:57PM
Echo interviewed several of our Chinese students about whether they were returning to China over spring break.
Emmanuella Aspras, '18 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:57PM
In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Emmanuella polled Wooster faculty and students about recent ideas of how to keep American schools safe. In the second of her two part series, she goes deeper into the issue of guns, and how they, and other factors, contribute to these tragedies.
Daniel Michael, '18 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:57PM
With less than 24 hours before the final production of Cabaret, Daniel was asked to fill in for a sick Connor Staub as one of the leads. Here is his first-hand account of what that was like...
Gib Shea, '18 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:57PM
We were treated to a few extra days of spring break, thanks to the Nor'easter that came through the area, which dumped a ton of snow and took down power lines on campus. Gib tells us more.
WiNK Staff - Posted 03/09/2018 02:57PM
Wherever you are going on spring break -- take a photo in your Wooster Wear and we'll post it in the next issue of WiNK!
Nick Wyckoff, '18 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:56PM
Spring sports season officially began on Monday. This week, Nick interviewed Coach Carone on the upcoming baseball season.
Haktan Ceylan, '18 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:56PM
As we head into the final stretch of the college process for seniors, Haktan checked in on a few members of the Class of 2018 to see how it's been, and where it currently stands.
Gib Shea, '18 - Posted 03/09/2018 02:56PM
There is a disappearing mug epidemic happening on Wooster's campus. Gib investigated this week.
Nick Wyckoff, '18 - Posted 03/02/2018 03:25PM
Spring sports season officially begins on Monday. Nick interviewed the varsity coaches of ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and tennis to get their thoughts on the upcoming season.
Emmanuella Aspras, '18 - Posted 03/02/2018 03:25PM
In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Emmanuella polled Wooster faculty and students about recent ideas of how to keep American schools safe. In the first of a two part series, she asks the question about whether or not Wooster's teachers should be armed.
Hayden DellaCamera, '18 - Posted 03/02/2018 03:25PM
Prom is right around the corner! Hayden tells us everything we need to know.
Daniel Michael, '18 - Posted 03/02/2018 03:25PM
The Upper School performances of Cabaret started this past weekend. Daniel checked in with a few students and teachers who have seen it, and shared their thoughts on the show that has everyone talking.
Haktan Ceylan, '18 - Posted 03/02/2018 03:25PM
The hard-working cast of Cabaret was hit by illnesses this week. Since the show must go on tomorrow, Haktan, one of the show's stars who was sick himself, checked in on his fellow cast members to see how they're feeling.
WiNK Staff - Posted 03/02/2018 03:24PM
The WiNK playlist is back! Here's running list of songs that WiNK staffers think you should be listening to over the weekend.
Austin Kriegel, '26 - Posted 02/23/2018 06:04PM
Since it was a short week, Cooper and Josh couldn't make a video, so 4th grader Austin Kriegel, a lone student on campus Friday during the Professional Day, asked teachers a question of the week -- "what's the best part of being on campus without the students?"
Cooper Byrnes, '19 - Posted 02/23/2018 06:03PM
For this week's Teacher Tales, Cooper interviewed Mr. Evans.
Daniel Michael, '18 - Posted 02/23/2018 06:03PM
For this week's Student Tales, Daniel interviewed junior Connor Staub.
Hayden DellaCamera, '18 - Posted 02/23/2018 03:47PM
We were treated to a beautiful, spring-like day on Wednesday. Hayden checked in with students to see how they spent it.
Amirah AlGhadhouri, '19 - Posted 02/23/2018 03:45PM
Since the trimester came to an end this week, Amirah checked in with a few students to see how they were feeling.
Riley Damiano, '20 - Posted 02/23/2018 03:45PM
As part of Wooster's relationship with Jamaica, we will welcome two visitors to campus next week. Riley tells us more.

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